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Over the years I have learnt many lessons about life, love, travel, health and myself. I have been chasing endless waves, exploring untouched beaches, diving deeper into various cultures and meeting some of the happiest and most inspiring people along the way. Each adventure, each step on new ground, each journey and conversation led me to discover a life I could have never dreamed off. I have been living abroad for more years than I can count and it definitely has its ups and downs, challenges and lessons but it inspires and encourages me daily to make healthy choices which enable me to see the world we live in and THAT has put a smile on my face every day. So here I am, using this space to share my life, experiences and stories with you. My vision is to create a place that inspires you with creativity, positivity, encouragement and love. A place you can come to when you need to remind yourself that anything is possible and dreams can become your reality.

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